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If you placed orders on our website before November 29, 2023, please visit’s order tracking page or go to the URL Order History to review your “Order History” and track your orders.

If you placed orders on our website before November 29, 2023, please visit’s order tracking page or go to the URL Order History to review your “Order History” and track your orders.

Buy 2 items, Get $10 Off! Buy 3 items, Get $15 Off!
Buy 2 items, Get $10 Off! Buy 3 items, Get $15 Off!

Adapter/Charger for ASUS K52F K52J K53E K53S K53SV K53U K55 K550LA K55A K55N K55VD (19V 3.42A/4.74A 65W/90W)

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Current price $29.99
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  • Description
  • Specification

    Asus ZenBook Series:

    1A, CN014T, CN020T, CN020T-BE, CN044T, CN056T, CN081T, CN098T-BE, DM163T

    Asus-Lamborghini Series:

    VX2, VX2S, VX2SE, VX3

    Asus VivoBook Series:

    X402 Series, X402C Series, X402CA Series, X551MA Series

    Asus Series:

    A2 Series, A2000, A2000C, A2000L, A2000Lp, A2500, A2500D, A2C, A2L, A2Lp, A3 Series, A3000 Series, A3000A, A3000Ac, A3000E, A3000G, A3000L, A3000N, A3500L, A3A, A3Ac, A3E, A3Fc, A3Fp, A3G, A3H, A3Hf, A3L, A3N, A3Vc, A3Vp, A40J, A40Ja, A40Je, A40Jp, A41ID, A41IE, A42, A42D, A42De, A42Dq, A42DR, A42DY, A42E, A42F-VX258, A42J, A42Ja, A42Jc, A42Je, A42JP, A42JY, A42JZ, A42N, A42Qr, A43BR, A43C, A43E, A43SA, A43SD, A43SJ, A43SM, A43SV, A43T, A43TA, A43TK, A52 Series, A52BY, A52D, A52DE, A52DR, A52DY, A52F, A52J, A52JA, A52JB, A52JC, A52JE, A52JK, A52Jr, A52JR-X1, A52JT, A52JU, A52JV, A52N, A53BR, A53SC, A53SK, A53SM, A53TK, A53Z, A6 Series, A6000 Series, A6000E, A6000G, A6000Ga, A6000J, A6000Ja, A6000Jc, A6000K, A6000Km, A6000L, A6000N, A6000Ne, A6000R, A6000Rp, A6000U, A6000V, A6000Va, A6000Vc, A6000Vm, A62 Series, A6E, A6F, A6G, A6Ga, A6J, A6JA, A6Jc, A6JM, A6K, A6Km, A6KT, A6L, A6M, A6N, A6Ne, A6R, A6Rp, A6T, A6Ta, A6Tc, A6U, A6V, A6Va, A6Vc, A6Vm, A7 Series, A72 Series, A72Dr, A72Fr-XT1, A72F-TY167D, A72Jk, A72JR, A72Jr-TY062V, A72JT, A75 Series, A75A, A75DE, A75VD, A75VM, A7C, A7Cd, A7D, A7Db, A7Dc, A7F, A7F-, A7G, A7Gb, A7Gc, A7J, A7Jb, A7Jc, A7K, A7M, A7S, A7Sv, A7T, A7Tc, A7V, A7Vb, A7Vc, A8, A8000, A83, A83B, A83BR, A83BY, A83E, A83S, A83SA, A83SD, A83SJ, A83SM, A83SV, A83T, A83TA, A83TK, A83U, A84, A84S, A84SJ, A8A, A8D, A8F, A8G, A8H, A8J, A8JA, A8JC, A8JM, A8M, A8N, A8N-1A, A8S, A8Sc, A8Sc-A1, A8Sc-B1, A8Sc-B2, A8T, A8Z, A9 Series, A9000Rp, A9000T, A93, A93S, A93SM, A93SV, A95 Series, A9500T, A95A, A95V, A95VM, A9C, A9R, A9Rp, A9Rt, A9T Series, A9W, B1, B1000, B1000A, B43, B451JA, B50A, B51E, B53, B53J, B53Jc, B53V, F2 Series, F2000F, F2000Hf, F2000J, F2000Ja, F2000Je, F2000Jv, F2F, F2HF, F2J, F2Ja, F2Je, F2Je-5D015E, F2Jv, F3 Series, F3000F, F3000Ja, F3000Jc, F3000Jm, F3000Jp, F3000Jv, F3000M, F3000P, F3000T, F3000Tc, F3A, F3E, F3F, F3H, F3J Series, F3Ja, F3JA Series, F3Jaf, F3Jc, F3JF Series, F3JM Series, F3Jp, F3Jr, F3JR-AP045C, F3Jv, F3Ka, F3KA-X2, F3KA-X3, F3KA-X4, F3Ke, F3KR, F3L, F3M, F3P, F3P-AP021C, F3Q Series, F3s, F3Sa, F3Sc, F3Se, F3SE-AP050C, F3Sg, F3Sr, F3Sv, F3T, F3Tc, F3U, F5 Series, F502, F502C, F502CA, F50Gx, F50Q, F50S, F50SL, F50SV, F50Z, F550, F550D, F550DP, F5C, F5GL, F5M, F5N, F5R, F5RI, F5SL, F5Sr, F5V, F5VI, F5VL, F5Z, F6A, F6E, F6H, F6K, F6S, F6V, F6Ve, F6V-X1, F7000, F70S, F70SL, F70Sv, F75A, F75VD, F7B, F7E, F7e-b1, F7F, F7Kr, F7L, F7Se, F7Sr, F7Z, F8 Series, F80 Series, F80A, F80Cr, F80H, F80L, F80Q, F80S, F81, F83 Series, F83S, F83Vf, F85, F86, F8Dc, F8P, F8Sa, F8Sg, F8Sn, F8Sp, F8Sr, F8Sv, F8Tr, F8Va, F8Vr, F9 Series, F9D, F9Dc, F9E, F9E-A1, F9F Series, F9J Series, F9S Series, F9Sg, G1 Series, G1P Series, G1S Series, G1Sn, G2K, G2P, G2Pb Series, G2Pc Series, G2S, G2Sg, G2Sv, J33Jt, K40 Series, K40AB, K40AC, K40AD, K40AE, K40AF, K40E, K40ID, K40IE, K40IL, K40IP, K40lJ, K40lN, K41ND, K41VD, K41VF, K42 Series, K42D, K42DE, K42DQ, K42Dr, K42DY, K42F-A2B, K42J, K42Ja, K42JB, K42JC, K42JE, K42JK, K42JP, K42Jr, K42JR-VX047X, K42JV, K42JY, K42JZ, K42N, K43BE, K43SV, K450, K450C, K450CA, K450CC, K450JF, K450L, K450LA, K450LB, K450LC, K450LD, K450LN, K450V, K450VB, K450VC, K450VE, K50 Series, K501, K501L, K501LB, K501LX, K501U, K501UB, K501UQ, K501UW, K501UX, K50A, K50AB, K50AD, K50AE, K50AF, K50I, K50ID, K50IE, K50IL, K50IP, K51 Series, K51AB, K51AC, K51AE, K51IO, K52 Series, K52D, K52DE, K52DR, K52DY, K52F, K52F-A1, K52J, K52JB, K52JC, K52Je, K52JK, K52Jr, K52JT, K52JU, K52JZ, K52N, K53 Series, K53B, K53BE, K53BY, K53E, K53F, K53J, K53JA, K53JC, K53JE, K53JF, K53JG, K53JN, K53JS, K53JT, K53S, K53SA, K53SC, K53SD, K53SE, K53SJ, K53SK, K53SM, K53SN, K53SR, K53T, K53TA, K53TK, K53U, K54 Series, K54HR, K54L, K54LY, K55A, K55VD, K55VM, K60 Series, K61 Series, K61IC, K62 Series, K62F, K62J, K62Jr, K65H, K65R, K6C11, K70 Series, K7010, K7010-A1, K70A, K70AB, K70AC, K70AD, K70AE, K70AF, K70AS, K70AS-X2A, K70I, K70IC, K70ID, K70IJ, K70IL, K70IO, K72 Series, K72Dr, K72Dr-X1, K72DY, K72F, K72F-A2B, K72F-TY005V, K72F-TY279V, K72F-X1, K72Ja, K72Jc, K72Jf, K72Jk, K72Jl, K72Jo, K72Jr, K72Jt, K72JU, K72Jv, K72K, K72N, K72Q, K72S, K73 Series, K73BE, K73BR, K73BY, K73E, K73E-A1, K73Jk, K73SD, K73SJ, K73SM, K73Sv, K73TA, K73TK, K75 Series, K751, K751L, K751LA, K751LAV, K751LB, K751LD, K751LDV, K751LJ, K751LJC, K751LK, K751LN, K751LX, K751M, K751MA, K751MD, K751MJ, K751S, K751SA, K751SJ, K75A, K75D, K75DE, K75V, K75VD, K75VJ, K75VM, K84C, K84HR, K84L, K84LY, K93, K93S, K93SM, K93SV, K95 Series, K95A, K95V, K95VJ, K95VM, L1 Series, L1000, L1000A, L1000B, L13, L1300, L1300B, L13B, L14, L1400, L1400A, L1400B, L14A, L14B, L1A, L1B, L2 Series, L2000, L2000B, L2000D, L2000E, L2400D, L2B, L2D, L2E, L3000C, L3000D, L3000H, L3000S, L3000TP, L34 Series, L3400, L3400C, L34C, L38 Series, L3800, L3800C, L3800S1, L38C, L38S, L3C, L3D, L3H, L3S, L3TP, L4 Series, L4000 Series, L4000E, L4000H, L4000L, L4000R, L41, L42, L44, L45, L4500, L4500R Series, L4E, L4H, L4L, L4R, L50, L50Vn, L50Vn-A1, L50Vn-B1, L50Vn-C1, L7400, LC3800S, M2 Series, M2000 Series, M2000N, M2000-N Series, M2000Ne, M24 Series, M2400 Series, M2400A, M2400C, M2400E, M2400N, M2400Ne, M24A, M24E, M24N, M3, M3000, M3000Ae, M3000N, M3000NP, M3Ae, M3N, M3NP, M50 Series, M50Q, M50S, M50Sa, M50Sr, M50Sv, M50Sv-A1, M50Sv-B1, M50V, M50V series, M50Vc, M50Vm, M50Vn, M51A, M51E, M51Kr, M51Se, M51Sn, M51Sr, M51Ta, M51Tr, M51Va, M51Vr, M52, M5200, M6, M60 Series, M6000, M6000BN, M6000BNe, M6000N, M6000Ne, M6000r, M6000Va, M60J-A1, M60JV, M60V, M60W, M67, M6700, M6700A, M6700C, M6700N, M6700R, M6700V, M67N, M68, M6800, M6800A, M6800C, M6800N, M6800R, M6800V, M68N, M6BN, M6BNe, M6N, M6Ne, M6V, M6Va, M70, M70Sa, M70Sr, M70T, M70Vm, M70Vn, M70Vr, M9 Series, M9A, M9F, M9J, M9V, N10E, N10J, N10Jb, N10Jc, N10Jh, N20, N20A, N43 Series, N43D, N43DA, N43E, N43F, N43J, N43JC, N43JE, N43Jf, N43JG, N43JK, N43JL, N43JM, N43JN, N43JQ, N43JR, N43JV, N43JW, N43N, N43S, N43SD, N43SL, N43SM, N43SN, N43SV, N45 Series, N45E, N45F, N45J, N45JC, N45S, N45SF, N45SJ, N45SL, N45SN, N45SV, N46 Series, N46JV, N46V, N46VB, N46VJ, N46VM, N46VZ, N50A, N50E, N50F, N50T, N50Ta, N50Tp, N50Tr, N50Vc, N50Vg, N50Vn, N51, N51A, N51S, N51T, N51Te, N51Tp, N51V, N51Vf, N51Vf-A1, N51Vg, N51Vn, N52A, N52D, N52DA, N52DC, N52DR, N52F, N52J, N52JA, N52JB, N52JC, N52JE, N52JF, N52JG, N52JL, N52JN, N52JQ, N52JT, N52JV, N52S, N52SN, N52SV, N52V, N52VF, N53, N53 Series, N53D, N53DA, N53E, N53F, N53J, N53JC, N53JE, N53Jf, N53Jg, N53JH, N53JL, N53JN, N53JQ, N53JR, N53JT, N53JV, N53JX, N53N, N53S, N53SD, N53SL, N53SM, N53SN, N53SQ, N53SV, N53T, N53TA, N53TK, N53V, N55 Series, N55E, N55S, N55SF, N55SL, N56, N56DP, N56DY, N56V, N56VB, N56VJ, N56VM, N56VV, N56VZ, N60Dp, N61 Series, N61D, N61DA, N61J, N61Ja, N61Jv, N61V, N61VF, N61Vg, N61Vn, N61W, N6DA, N70Sv, N71Ja, N71Jv, N71Vg, N71Vn, N73SM, N75 Series, N75E, N75S, N75SF, N75SL, N76, N76V, N76VB, N76VJ, N76VM, N76VZ, N80, N80Vc, N80Vn, N81Vp, N82E, N82EI, N82J, N82JG, N82JQ, N82JV, P31 Series, P31F, 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Pro5CQ, Pro5D, Pro5D Series, Pro5DAB, Pro5DAD, Pro5DAF, Pro5DC, Pro5DID, Pro5DIE, Pro5DIJ, Pro5DIL, Pro5DIN, Pro5DIP, Pro5E, Pro5E Series, Pro5EAC, Pro5EAE, Pro5G Series, Pro5GAG, Pro5GAT, Pro5GVG, Pro5GVS, Pro5GVT, Pro5I Series, Pro5IBY, Pro5IDE, Pro5IDr, Pro5IDY, Pro5IF, Pro5IJB, Pro5IJC, Pro5IJE, Pro5IJK, Pro5IJr, Pro5IJT, Pro5IJU, Pro5IJV, Pro5IN, Pro5J, Pro5K Series, Pro5KF, Pro5KJC, Pro5L Series, Pro5LJT, Pro5LJU, Pro5LJV, Pro5M Series, Pro5MDA, Pro5MJF, Pro5MJG, Pro5MJL, Pro5MJN, Pro5MJQ, Pro5MSN, Pro5MSV, Pro5MTA, Pro5N Series, Pro5NBY, Pro5NC, Pro5NE, Pro5NSJ, Pro5NSK, Pro5NSV, Pro5NTA, Pro5NU, Pro5NZ, Pro5P Series, Pro5PE, Pro5PSJ, Pro5Q Series, Pro5R Series, Pro60 Series, Pro61 Series, Pro62J, Pro63 Series, Pro65, Pro66 Series, Pro66IC, Pro67 Series, Pro67F, Pro79, Pro88, PRO8C, Pro8D, Pro8S, R1, R1E Series, R1F, R400 Series, R500 Series, R700 Series, S13N Series, S3262, S40, S405, S46, S46CB, S46V, S505, S56, S6 Series, S62 Series, S6F, S6Fm, S96 Series, SW1 VBl, T12, T9 Series, T9000 Series, T93, T9300, T9300A, T93A, T94, T9400, T9400A, T94A, T9A, U1E Series, U1F, U2E, U30, U30J, U30Jc, U31 Series, U33 Series, U35, U35F, U35F-X1, U35J, U35Jc, U35Jc-A1, U36, U36J, U36JC, U36S, U36SD, U3S Series, U3Sg, U41 Series, U42 Series, U43 Series, U43J, U43Jc, U43S, U43SD, U43SV, U45, U45J, U45Jc, U45Jt, U46, U46E, U46J, U46JC, U46S, U46SD, U46SM, U46SV, U47, U47A, U47C, U47V, U47VC, U5 Series, U500VZ, U51A, U51Vg, U52 Series, U52F, U52J, U52Jc, U53 Series, U53Jc, U53S, U53SD, U53SV, U56, U56E, U56J, U56JC, U56S, U56SV, U57 Series, U5A, U5F, U6E Series, U6S Series, U6Sg, U6V, U6Vc, U81V, U82, UX51, UX51V, V1Jp, V1S, V1Sn, V1V, V2, V2J, V2Je, V2S, V50V, V6 Series, V6000 Series, V6000J, V6000V Series, V6V Series, V6Va, VX1 Series, VX2S, VX3, VX5, W1, W1000, W1000G, W1000Ga, W1000Gc, W1000N, W1000Na, W1000V, W1G, W1Ga, W1Gc, W1N, W1Na, W1V, W3, W3000, W3000A, W3000J, W3000N, W3000V, W3000Z Series, W3A, W3J, W3N, W3V, W3Z Series, W5 Series, W5000A Series, W5A, W5Ae, 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X5MD, X5ME, X5MF, X5MJ, X5MJC, X5MJE, X5MJF, X5MJG, X5MJH, X5MJL, X5MJN, X5MJQ, X5MJR, X5MJT, X5MJV, X5MJX, X5MN, X5MS, X5MSD, X5MSL, X5MSM, X5MSN, X5MSQ, X5MSV, X5MTA, X5MV, X61, X61S, X61W, X61Z, X64, X64 Series, X64JV, X64VG, X65, X66, X66IC, X67, X70, X70AB, X70AC, X70AD, X70AF, X70IC, X70IJ, X70IL, X70IO, X70Z, X71A, X71Q, X71S, X71SL, X71SR, X71T, X71TL, X71Tp, X71Vn, X72 Series, X72Dr, X72F, X72Jk, X72Jr, X72Vn, X73SL, X75 Series, X751, X751L, X751LA, X751LAV, X75A, X75V, X75VB, X75VC, X75VD, X77 Series, X77J, X77Ja, X77Jg, X77Jo, X77Jq, X77Jv, X77V, X77Vg, X77Vn, X80Le, X80N, X80Z, X83Vm, X85C, X85L, X85S, X85Se, X87, X88Se, X88VD, X88Vf, X8A, X8B, X8C, X8D, X8S, Y481, Y481C, Y481CA, Y481CC, Y481V, Y481VC, Y581, Y581C, Y581CA, Y581CC, Y581L, Y581LA, Y581LB, Y581LC, Z33, Z3300, Z3300A, Z3300Ae, Z33A, Z33Ae, Z35 Series, Z35F, Z35H, Z35L, Z53 Series, Z53J, Z53Jc, Z62 Series, Z6200F, Z6200Fm, Z6200J, Z6200Jm, Z62F, Z62Fm, Z62J, Z6300A, Z63A, Z7000, Z7000A, Z7000N, Z7000Ne, Z7000V, Z7000Va, Z70A, Z70N, Z70Ne, Z70V, Z70Va, Z71 Series, Z7100 Series, Z7100A, Z7100N, Z7100NE, Z7100V, Z7100Vp, Z71A, Z71N, Z71NE, Z71V, Z71VP, Z80, Z8000, Z8000K, Z80K, Z8300V, Z83V, Z8400F, Z8400Jp, Z84F, Z84Jp, Z91 Series, Z9100, Z9100A, Z9100Ac, Z9100E, Z9100ER, Z9100F, Z9100Fc, Z9100G, Z9100L, Z9100N, Z91A, Z91Ac, Z91E, Z91ER, Z91F, Z91Fc, Z91G, Z91L, Z91N, Z92 Series, Z9200Km, Z92J, Z92Jc, Z92Km, Z92R, Z92T, Z92V, Z92Vc, Z92Vm, Z9300E, Z93E, Z9600F, Z9600Fm, Z9600J, Z96F, Z96Fm, Z96J, Z96Jm, Z96Js

    Dell Inspiron Series:

    14R M5110, 2200, 7000 D266GT, 7000 D300LT, 7000-30iL

    Dell SmartStep Series:

    200, 200N, 250, 250N

    Gateway Series:

    400 special, 400L, 400S, 400SD4, 400SP, 400X, 400XL, 450 Series, 450E, 450QS, 450RGH, 450ROG, 450S, 450SP, 450SX4, 450X, 450XL, 600 Special, 600E Series, 600S, 600YG2, 600YGR, 8500 Series, 8510 Series, 8515 Series, 8550 Series, C140, C140X, C140XL, C141, C141X, C141XL, C142, C142X, C142XL, C143X, C143XL, C5815, CX200, CX200S, CX200X, CX210, CX210S, CX210X, DS 600X, DS 600XL, E265M, E295, E295C, LT1000, LT1001, LT1001G, LT1001J, LT1004, LT1004u, LT1005, LT1005u, M1410j, M1411J, M1412, M150S, M150X, M150XL, M151 Series, M151S, M151X, M151XL, M152 Series, M152S, M152X, M152XL, M153S, M153X, M153XL, M16 Series, M1629 Series, M1630J, M1631J, M1632J, M1634, M1634u, M2000, M24, M2400, M2404, M2404u, M2408J, M2409J, M2410, M2410j, M2410u, M2414, M2414u, M2421, M2421u, M250 Series, M250A, M250B, M250E, M250ES, M250G, M250GS, M250S, M250X, M255-E, M26, M2623, M2623u, M2624, M2624u, M2625, M2625u, M2626, M2626u, M275 Series, M275E, M275R, M275X, M275XL, M285, M285E, M285ESB, M285, M460 Series, M460A, M460B, M460E Plus, M460ES, M460QS, M460S, M460SX, M460X, M460XL, M465 Series, M465E, M465G, M6205m, M6206M, M6207m, M6300 Series, M6337, M6339, M6339u, M6340, M6340u, M6700 Series, M6753, M6800 series, M6801M, M6801MT, M6802M, M6805m, M6806m, M6807m, M6809m, M6810m, M6811m, M6812m, M6813m, M6814m, M6825J, M6826J, M6827j, M6828B, M6829B, M6839J, M6840J, M6842J, M6850 Series, M6850FX, M6851, M6854 Series, M6854m, M6862, M6864, M6864FX, M6867, M6873 Series, M6873B, M6873h, M6874 Series, M6874h, M6875B, M6876B, M6877B, M6878, M6878h, M6879J, M6881, M6882, M6882h, M6883, M6883u, M6884, M6884h, M6885, M6885u, M6887, M6887u, M6888h, M6888u, M6889, M6889u, M7000 Series, M73 Series, M7301 Series, M7301h, M7301u, M7305 Series, M7305u, M7309 Series, M7309h, M7315 Series, M7315u, M7317 Series, M7317u, M7325 Series, M7325u, M7328 Series, M7328u, M7333 Series, M7333u, M7334 Series, M7334u, M7342, M7342u, M7343, M7343u, M7344, M7344u, M7347u, M7348u, M7349u, M7350u, M7354u, M7356u, M739, M78 Series, M7810J, M7818 Series, M7818u, M7844, M7844u, MA14S3P, MC73, MC7310, MC7310u, MC7321, MC7321u, MC78, MC7801, MC7801u, MC7803, MC7803u, MC7804, MC7804h, MC7824, MC7824u, MC7825, MC7825u, MC7833, MT6451, MT6452, MT6456, MT6457, MT6458, MT6459, MT6711, MT6840, MT6840h, MT6841, MX6448, MX6453, MX6454, MX6640, MX6640b, MX6708, MX6708h, MX6710, MX6750, MX6750h, MX7515, MX7515H, MX8000, MX8500, MX8520, MX8523, MX8525, MX8528, MX8530, MX8554B, MX8556F, MX8703J, MX8707J, MX8716, MX8716B, MX8720M, MX8721M, MX8736J, NX560, NX560X, NX560XL, NX570, NX570QS, NX570S, NX570X, NX570XL, NX850, NX850X, NX850XL, P170 Series, P171 Series, P172 Series, P173X, P6000 Series, P6300 series, P6301, P6302, P6311, P6312, P6313, P6313h, P6317, P6318, P6318u, P6631, P6632, P6800 Series, P6801M, P6801m FX, P6822, P6825, P6828, P6828h, P6829, P6829h, P6831, P6832, P6836, P78 Series, P7800, P7801u FX, P7805, P7805 FX, P7805u, P7805u FX, P7808u, P7812j, P7908u FX, P7915u FX, P7917u FX, P7920u FX, S7200, S7200C, S7200N, S7210, S7210M, S7220, S7220M, S7225, S7225C, S7235, S7235R, S7310, S7310M, S7320, S7320M, S7500, S7500N, S7510, S7510N, T1400, T1409j, T1412, T1413, T1600 series, T6300 Series, T6800 series, T6801M, T6810, T6817, T6818, T6819, T6820, T6824c, T6825c, T6826c, T6827c, T6830, T6830c, T6831c, T6832c, T6834c, T6840c, TC73, TC7306u, TC7307u, TC78, UC7307u, UC7308, UC7308u, UC7807, UC7807u

    Gateway Solo Series:

    3350, 3350CS, 3400, 5000, 5100, 5300, 5300 Series, 5300cl, 5300cs, 5300L, 5300LS, 5350, 9500, 9500CX, 9550, 9550CL

    Compaq Evo Series:

    N105, N110, N110S, N115, N150, N160, N180, N200, N400, N400c, N410, N410c, N600, N600c, N600v, N610, N610c, N610v, N620, N620c, N620v, N800, N800 Series, N800c, N800v, N800w

    Compaq Presario Series:

    1000 Series, 1010, 1020, 1030, 1040, 1050, 1060, 1065, 1070, 1072, 1075, 1080, 1081, 1082, 1084, 1090, 1090ES, 1100, 1110, 1115, 1117, 1120, 1200 Series, 1200T, 1200US, 1200XL, 1200XL101, 1200XL102, 1200XL103, 1200XL104, 1200XL105, 1200XL106, 1200XL109, 1200XL110, 1200XL111, 1200XL118, 1200XL119, 1200XL125, 1200XL126, 1200XL127, 1200XL199, 1200XL3, 1200XL300, 1200XL325, 1200XL401, 1200XL404, 1200XL406, 1200XL408, 1200XL409, 1200XL420, 1200XL423, 1200XL500, 1200XL505, 1200XL510, 1200XL515, 1200XL526, 1201AP, 1201Z, 1207, 1210, 1214, 1214SR, 1215, 1216, 1220, 1221, 1230, 1232, 1234, 1235, 1236, 1237, 1240, 1242, 1244, 1245, 1246, 1247, 1250, 1255, 1256, 1260, 1262, 1266, 1267, 1270, 1272, 1273, 1274, 1275, 1277, 1278, 1279, 1280, 12XL Series, 12XL101, 12XL103, 12XL104, 12XL106, 12XL109, 12XL110, 12XL111, 12XL112, 12XL113, 12XL114, 12XL115, 12XL125, 12XL201, 12XL202, 12XL204, 12XL206, 12XL211, 12XL212, 12XL220, 12XL222, 12XL223, 12XL300, 12XL301, 12XL302, 12XL303, 12XL305, 12XL307, 12XL310, 12XL311, 12XL312, 12XL314, 12XL320, 12XL323, 12XL325, 12XL326, 12XL327, 12XL330, 12XL4, 12XL400, 12XL401, 12XL403, 12XL405, 12XL406, 12XL408, 12XL409, 12XL410, 12XL411, 12XL414, 12XL416, 12XL420, 12XL421, 12XL423, 12XL426, 12XL427, 12XL428, 12XL430, 12XL500, 12XL501, 12XL502, 12XL504, 12XL505, 12XL506, 12XL509, 12XL510, 12XL512, 12XL513, 12XL515, 12XL517, 12XL519, 12XL520, 12XL521, 12XL526, 12XL527, 12XL530, 12XL531, 1400 Series, 1400EB, 1400T, 1600 Series, 1600S, 1600T, 1600XL Series, 1600XL145, 16XL, 16XL140, 16XL141, 16XL142, 16XL144, 16XL145, 16XL146, 16XL147, 16XL150, 16XL255, 16XL256, 16XL257, 16XL258, 1700 Series, 1700AI, 1700AP, 1700AU, 1700EA, 1700LA, 1700T, 1700TA, 1700TC, 1700US, 1700XL Series, 1700XL573, 1701, 1701AI, 1701AP, 1701CL, 1701EA, 1701LB, 1701S, 1701TC, 1702, 1702AP, 1702EA, 1702KR, 1702LB, 1702TC, 1703, 1703AP, 1703KR, 1704, 1704KR, 1705, 1705AP, 1710T, 1711CL, 1711LA, 1711LB, 1711SC, 1712LB, 1712TA, 1712TC, 1712US, 1713EA, 1713LA, 1713SC, 1713TC, 1714AP, 1714EA, 1714SC, 1714TC, 1715AP, 1715CA, 1715EA, 1715TC, 1716EA, 1716SC, 1716TC, 1720 Series, 1720CA, 1720US, 1721, 1721AP, 1721LA, 1721TC, 1722, 1722CA, 1722EA, 1722TC, 1722US, 1723S, 1724, 1724A, 1724S, 1724T, 1725, 1725A, 1725S, 1725T, 1726S, 1726T, 1727S, 17XL Series, 17XL2 Series, 17XL260, 17XL261, 17XL262, 17XL264, 17XL265, 17XL266, 17XL274, 17XL275, 17XL276, 17XL3, 17XL3 Series, 17XL360, 17XL360 Series, 17XL361, 17XL362, 17XL363, 17XL364, 17XL365, 17XL366, 17XL367, 17XL368, 17XL369, 17XL370, 17XL370 Series, 17XL371, 17XL372, 17XL374, 17XL375, 17XL376, 17XL377, 17XL378, 17XL379, 17XL380, 17XL460, 17XL460 Series, 17XL461, 17XL462, 17XL463, 17XL464, 17XL465, 17XL466, 17XL467, 17XL468, 17XL469, 17XL470 Series, 17XL471, 17XL472, 17XL473, 17XL474, 17XL475, 17XL476, 17XL477, 17XL480, 17XL482, 17XL485, 17XL488, 17XL492, 17XL561, 17XL562, 17XL563, 17XL565, 17XL567, 17XL568, 17XL569, 17XL570, 17XL571, 17XL573, 17XL574, 17XL575, 17XL576, 17XL577, 17XL579, 17XL580, 17XL599, 2100 Series, 2100AP, 2100CA, 2100LA, 2100US, 2101, 2101AP, 2101CA, 2101EU, 2101US, 2102, 2102AP, 2102EA, 2102US, 2103, 2103AP, 2103EA, 2103EU, 2103US, 2104, 2104AP, 2104EA, 2104EU, 2104US, 2105, 2105AP, 2105CA, 2105EA, 2105LA, 2105US, 2106, 2106AP, 2106EA, 2106US, 2107, 2107AP, 2107EA, 2107US, 2108, 2108CL, 2108EA, 2108US, 2109EA, 2110, 2110AP, 2110CA, 2110EA, 2110LA, 2110US, 2111AP, 2111EA, 2112AP, 2112EA, 2113AP, 2114AP, 2114EA, 2114EU, 2115, 2115AP, 2115EA, 2115EU, 2115US, 2116, 2116AP, 2117, 2117AP, 2117EA, 2118, 2118AD, 2118EA, 2119, 2119EA, 2120, 2120AD, 2120AP, 2120EA, 2120LA, 2120US, 2121EA, 2121EU, 2122, 2122AD, 2123, 2123AD, 2123AP, 2124, 2124AD, 2124AP, 2125, 2125AC, 2125AD, 2125AP, 2125EA, 2126, 2126AC, 2126AD, 2126EA, 2127, 2127AC, 2127AD, 2127EA, 2128, 2128AC, 2128AD, 2128EA, 2128US, 2129, 2129AD, 2129EA, 2130, 2130AC, 2130AD, 2130AP, 2130EA, 2131, 2131AC, 2131AD, 2131EA, 2131EU, 2132, 2132AC, 2132RS, 2133AC, 2133AD, 2133AP, 2133EA, 2134, 2134AD, 2134EA, 2135, 2135AC, 2135AD, 2135AP, 2135CA, 2135EA, 2135EU, 2135US, 2136, 2136AC, 2136AD, 2136EA, 2136RSH, 2137, 2137AC, 2137AD, 2137EA, 2138, 2138AC, 2138AD, 2138EA, 2139, 2139AC, 2139AD, 2139EA, 2140, 2140AC, 2140AD, 2140AP, 2140CA, 2140US, 2141, 2141AC, 2141AD, 2141EA, 2142EA, 2143AD, 2143AP, 2143EA, 2144AD, 2144EA, 2145, 2145AD, 2145AP, 2145CA, 2145EA, 2145US, 2146, 2146AD, 2146EA, 2147, 2147AD, 2147EA, 2148, 2148AD, 2148EA, 2149, 2149AD, 2149EA, 2150, 2150AP, 2150US, 2151AD, 2151EA, 2153AP, 2154AP, 2154EA, 2155, 2155EA, 2155US, 2156, 2156EA, 2158, 2158EA, 2160, 2160EA, 2160EU, 2160US, 2161, 2161EA, 2161US, 2162, 2162EA, 2162US, 2163, 2163EA, 2164, 2164EA, 2165, 2165EA, 2166, 2166EA, 2167, 2167EA, 2168, 2169, 2169EA, 2170, 2170CA, 2170US, 2171, 2171US, 2172, 2172EA, 2172US, 2173, 2173EA, 2175, 2175CA, 2175EA, 2175US, 2176, 2176RS, 2178, 2178CL, 2178EA, 2180, 2180CA, 2182, 2182US, 2186, 2186RS, 2188, 2188CL, 2190, 2190CA, 2190US, 2191, 2192, 2194, 2194RS, 2195, 2195CA, 2195US, 2196, 2196US, 2197, 2197CA, 2198, 2198CA, 2198US, 2199, 2199CA, 2199US, 2500 Series, 2500AP, 2500LA, 2500US, 2502EU, 2504EU, 2505, 2505AP, 2506EU, 2510, 2510AP, 2510EA, 2510LA, 2511, 2511EA, 2512, 2512EA, 2515, 2515AP, 2515EA, 2516, 2516EA, 2520, 2520AP, 2520EA, 2521, 2521EA, 2525, 2525AP, 2525CA, 2525EA, 2525US, 2526EA, 2528CL, 2529CL, 2529EA, 2530, 2530AP, 2535, 2535AP, 2535QV, 2538, 2538AP, 2538CL, 2540, 2540AP, 2541EU, 2543, 2543AP, 2545, 2545AP, 2545US, 2548AP, 2549EA, 2550, 2550AP, 2550CA, 2550EA, 2550US, 2552EA, 2555, 2555AP, 2555US, 2560, 2560AP, 2561, 2561US, 2565, 2565AP, 2568, 2568CL, 2570, 2570CA, 2570EA, 2570US, 2575, 2575US, 2578, 2578CL, 2580, 2580CA, 2580US, 2581, 2581US, 2585, 2585US, 2590, 2590US, 2591, 2591US, 2592US, 2593, 2593US, 2594, 2594US, 2596, 2596US, 2597, 2597CL, 2597US, 2598, 2598CL, 2598US, 2599, 2599US, 2700 Series, 2700T, 2700US, 2701T, 2702TW, 2710US, 2715US, 2720US, 700 Series, 700CA, 700US, 700Z, 701, 701CL, 701US, 701USZ, 702, 702US, 703, 704, 705, 705CA, 705US, 706, 709, 710, 710CA, 710US, 711, 711CL, 715, 715CA, 715US, 717, 717RSH, 718, 719, 720, 720US, 721, 721CL, 722, 722US, 723, 723EA, 723RSH, 725, 725CA, 725US, 726, 727, 728, 729, 730CA, 730US, 731, 731CL, 731US, 732, 732US, 733, 734, 734RSH, 735, 735CA, 735US, 800 Series, 800T, 800XL, 80XL200, 80XL201, 80XL4, 80XL4S, 80XL550


    Acer :


    Asus :

    04G266006001 | 04G266006060 | 04G266006080 | 04G266006220 | 04G266008920 | 04G266010600 | 04G266010610 | 04G266010620 | 90-N00PW5200T | 90-N00PW5300T | 90-N00PW5500T | 90-N00PW5700T | 90-N6APW2010 | 90-N6EPW2000 | 90-N6EPW2010 | 90-N6EPW2012 | 90-NAPAW2000 | 90-XB04N0PW00030Y | 90-XB04N0PW00040Y | ACDCADAP | ADP-90SBBB | ADP-90YD B | ASS5NE | EXA0904YH | PA-1900-03 | PA-1900-24 | PA-1900-36 | PA-1900-66

    Compaq :


    Dell :

    310-1958 | 7U870 | 9T458 | ADP-60ZH | PA-11 | PA-1900-05W

    Delta Electronics :

    ADP-90CD | ADP-90CD DB | ADP-90CDDB | ADP-90CDDB/BB | ADP-90FB BB | ADP-90SB BB | N17908

    Fujitsu :


    Gateway :

    0220A1990 | 103923 | 103924 | 103942 | 104256 | 104303 | 104365 | 104485 | 105395 | 1528569 | 1533789 | 2521974R | 2521997R | 2525534 | 6500591 | 6500693 | 6500706 | 6500714 | 6500721 | 6506063R | 6506083 | 83-110093-2100 | 83-110106-2400 | ACE83-110093-2100 | ACE83-110106-2400 | ACE83-110114 | ADP-45CD | ADP-65 HB BBCF | ADP-65 HB BBEF | API3AD030 | AZ121508 | LSE0220A1990 | PA-1480-19T | QCD1ACYZZZTA43 | QND1ACYZZZ0031 | QND1ACYZZZ0073 | QND1ACYZZZTA43 | QND1ACYZZZTA60 | REV A1 | SA80-3115 | SA80T-3115 | SA80T-3115-1412 | VA15B21001637 | VPRN-AC100

    HP :


    NEC :

    12-00118-30 | 122-0041-000 | 158-057421-000 | 808-875692-010A | ADP64 | ADP-75FB

    Toshiba :

    K000002140 | K000004590 | K000043490 | K000826160 | K000831951 | PA3164U | PA3164U-1ACA | PA3165U | PA3516E-1AC3 | PA3516U | PA5035U-1ACA | PX5035E-1PWR


    • All of our adapters are brand new and 100% compatible to meet OEM specifications for safety and efficiency
    • Meet National Electrical Code requirements, CE, RoHS Test
    • If your laptop/notebook original adapter requires higher power (Watt) compared to the power stated above, please DO NOT buy this adapter.
    • Please make sure the DC output and tip size are compatible before placing the order
  • Condition: New
    Output Voltage: 19V
    Output Current: 3.42A/4.74A
    Power 65W/90W
    Input Voltage AC100~240V / 50~60Hz
    Connector Size: External Diameter: 5.5mm / Internal Diameter: 2.5mm


If your laptop/notebook original adapter requires higher power (Watt) compared to the power stated above, please DO NOT buy this adapter.
Please make sure the DC output and tip size are compatible before placing the order.

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